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It is very important to take care of your feet when you have Diabetes because diabetes can have many effects on the feet.


Please do the following:

Get regular check-ups by a podiatrist.  A podiatrist will help you take care of your feet and create a plan with you for proper foot care.


Ask your Podiatrist which shoes would best fit your foot type and your needs.  You may even be able to get special shoes made specifically for Diabetics.  Many times these shoes can even be covered by your insurance.


Check your feet every day.  Sometimes it helps to use a mirror to check the bottoms of your feet too.  It is important to look for areas of redness, swelling, calluses, cuts, dryness and any other signs that you might have questions about.  Call your podiatrist at 801-253-6886 if you see any of these signs.

You may want to have a family member help you check your feet if you are having a hard time seeing them.


Keep your feet clean.  Wash daily in warm water (not hot) and mild soap.  The water should be warm to the touch of hand and not hot.  It is easy to make the water too hot which will burn the foot.  With Diabetes it is important to not soak your feet.


Dry your feet well. Be sure to dry between

the toes with a clean towel.

Diabetes effects:





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Often with diabetes even nail care can become difficult and even dangerous to perform on your own.  If improperly done it can cause injury which can lead to infection and in some cases eventual amputation.


As Diabetes effects the bodies immune response it makes it more difficult to protect against fungal infections in the nails.  The nails then become brittle and even thickened.  This makes it even more difficult to trim on your own.  Let your foot and ankle specialist at Summit Foot + Ankle help you with your complicated nail care.  We have highly trained nail experts who are happy to help you with your nail care.


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